Linux usable ICC profile for BENQ EW2755ZH monitor

On 2018/04/15 at 20:30

When using linux desktop environments, I found the roads' boundary on google maps is blurry which make the map hard to read. I used to think this is my BENQ EW2755ZH monitor's problem. But after I switch to Windows system, I found the problem is gone and the color on the monitor is much more beautiful than it used to shown on the Linux.

After doing some research, I understood the ICC profile plays a big role for the OS to calibrate the colors showing on the monitor.

However the default profile for BENQ EW2755ZH on Linux is bad and I don't have a colorimeter to calibrate generate a profile by myself, so I tried to copy the profile from my Windows 10 which is located at C:\WINDOWS\System32\spool\drivers\color. But the profile somehow failed to be load by Fedora 27's gnome color manager.

After another round of gooling, I found the TFT CENTRAL ICC profile databases. But it does not have my EW2755ZH profiles. I still downloaded some profiles and do some try-and-erros. Luckily, I found the BenQ GW2750HM (Normal) profile which looks pretty good and solve my problem well.